Damián Boggio - Tango DJ (English)

Damián Boggio 
( Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, 1972 )

Student of  communication science at the University of Buenos Aires (from which he never graduated ...).
His first introduction to tango dates back to the time when he was still a music student at the municipal conservatory "Manuel de Falla" of Buenos Aires, in the 1990’s and starred in a small role in the movie "Sus ojos se cerraron" (and then his eyes closed) by Jaime Chavarri, a biopic on Carlos Gardel. His first tango teacher was Pablo Repún who taught classes in a local cultural center of Flores, one of the barrios of Buenos Aires.

He worked as musician and compositor and since 1999 as DJ and organizer of milongas. From 2000 until 2006 he has been DJing at the classic milongas of Bs. As., such as "Salon Canning", "La Nacional", "El Beso", "Porteño y Bailarin", "C.I.T.A." 2002-2003-2004, "The night of Carlos Gavito", "Plaza Dorrego" ( San Telmo, Buenos Aires ) a.o.

It all started after a trip to Italy in 1999, after which he started to organize his first milonga together with a professor at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). It took place in an old mid-19th century building in a street named Brazil in the Parque Patricios-district. They called it "Tangresión".
It was then that became friends with Pedro "El Indio" Benavente, who asked him to organize first a milonga and later a "peña folklórica" with him, where artists as well known as Leon Gieco, Rodolfo Mederos, Suna Rocha, Ramón Ayala or Jorge Marziale performed. The décore was a collection of photos of people and personalities he had always admired like Carlos Gardel, The Beatles, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Mafalda, Piazzolla, Gandhi, Woody Allen and Theodor W. Adorno, whos work he had to study hard during his time as a university student. Both the milonga and the peña took place in a Salon of the Union of the Warehousemen, also known as "El gallito" (the little cock) in calle Moreno, not far from Avenida Entre Ríos.

In 2000 he started to work within the projects and places of Parakultural: "Salon Canning", "Flor de Boedo“" and others.
One October night in 2001, Pablo Banchero suggested that he’d work as Tango DJ in his milonga "La Nacional" and a few months later Gabriela and Jimena, "Las Morochas" as well as Carlos Stasi "el porteño" and José Garófalo "el bailarín" invited him to DJ at "Milonga de las Morochas" in "El Beso" and "Porteño y Bailarín" respectively.

In 2003 he had already been DJing at "C.I.T.A." (International Congress of Tango Argentino), "World Tango Festival" and "The night of Carlos Gavito and friends".

In July 2004 he travelled fort the first time to Frankfurt am Main, where the adored philosopher Theodor Adorno, whose work he had studied at the university, once used to live and teach. In the same year, he was DJing at milongas in various cities of Germany and Italy and festivals as at the enormous Hamburg Tango Festival.

Since 2004 he has been touring Europe’s most important tango festivals as a DJ, and starting from 2007, he has even been invited to DJ at festivals and milongas in Asia.

In the beginning he used for DJing what he had at hand: Vinyl LPs owned by his parents and grandparents, cassettes and a few cds borrowed by friends. From 2002 on he changed to DJing with cds and mp3s only, ending up using ipods as his favourite, a DJ tool with which he had become familiar on tour. But be that as it may, for the reason of pure nostalgia, you could still find him from time to time playing some old vinyls at Salon Canning, just like ten years ago.

In 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 he travelled throughout Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland) serving as DJ in many well-known milongas and Tango festivals, such as:
 "Bologna Tango Festival" (2005),
 "Genova Tango Festival" (2006-2010-2011), 
"Napolitango Festival" (2007),
"Frankfurt Tango Festival" (2005-2008)“ and many others.

No other DJ of Tango music has ever toured as much, except for the Master Felix Picherna. Damián is one of the first Tango DJs who toured around the world for DJing.
His Masters are Osvaldo Natucci, Mario Orlando and Horacio Godoy too.

In 2006 he also started to teach courses on how to DJ in a Milonga in Europe, which became very popular.

Probably thanks to his distinct way of presenting the Tango music as DJ and for belonging to the “tango post rock”- generation, different publications have interviewed him. They represent and address various audiences and ages, like “The Rolling Stone”, “La Mano”, the newspapers “Clarin” and “La Nación”, among others..

In 2004 he also started to organise his own milongas. The first was called "Vida mía“, first located in Salon "Dandi" in the traditional San Telmo neighbourhood and then in the famous "Confiteria Ideal", in the center of Buenos Aires, close to the famous Obelisco.

Finally, in February 2006, he opened “Mina Milonga” on tuesdays in Salon Canning. This Milonga provided a great opportunity for him to present always a range of the best orchestras and dancing couples of Buenos Aires.

Since 2007 he has stopped DJing in other places in Buenos Aires, to be able to dedicate himself entirely to “Mina Milonga”, his DJ-tours and musical projects. 2007 was also the first year for him to visit Japan.


He has travelled the world as a DJ of Tango, giving classes and lectures on the music of Tango Argentino, developping his own approach for making his students appreciate the essence of Tango music. Tango is currently growing in giant steps not only in the world, but also within Argentina itself.

"In 2008, in addition to travelling in Europe, especially in Italy, he was a Tango DJ at the festival "Milonguero's Night ", in the city of Moscow, in the "Pohang Tango Festival" and in "Tanguería del Buen Ayre" of the Korean cities of Pohang and Seoul, respectively. He also held his Tango DJ Workshop there. Then he travelled to the city of Tokyo, in Japan, to the milonga of dancers Kenji and Liliana and then, before continuing his tour in Europe, played music in milongas in the city of Taipei in Taiwan.

In March 2009 he has been DJ of the "Festival de Tango" in Bariloche, Southwest Argentina and later in July in San Martín de los Andes. Again he toured the world, this time for as long as eight months at tango festivals and milongas of Europe and Asia. In April he started the first tour around Italy with his orquestra "La Típica Mina", this time as a sextet. That year he also realized his first engagements in Birmingham (United Kingdom) and Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and during his next tour in Asia he was invited to DJ in Hong Kong and again at the "Tanguería del Buen Ayre" in Seoul, Korea, where he got interviewed by Korean television.

Back in Buenos Aires in december, he took up his activities with "Mina Milonga" again, every tuesday at Salon Canning in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

In 2010 he served as DJ in his hometown at the festival "Verano Porteño" organized by the City of Buenos Aires. From May the same year, he started his next "Tour Tango DJ: Europa 2010", which took him around Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Turkey. He spent another eight months on the road DJing in festivals and milongas of Europe. He finally decided to give up his activities in Buenos Aires and to stay in Italy, from where he is dedicating himself entirely to DJing around Europe and Asia.

In all these past years, Italy has served as his home and travel base, and his activities as DJ took him all around that country to places like:
- Fivizzano ( "Tango World Festival", 2009),
- Sicily ( "Sicilia Tango Festival", 2009, 2010),
- Bari ( "Apulia Tango Festival". 2008, 2009 , 2010, 2011 ),
- Torino ( "Torino Tango Festival", 2009).

In 2011 he took up some new projects. He brought "La Típica Mina" to Europe again in trio format while continuing to work in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Russia.

2012 saw his third visit to Seoul with his old vinyl LPs in his luggage to let the milonga audience enjoy tangos on vinyl. This time he got interviewed by the local broadcasting station. It was the first time that he made dancers listen and dance to the 33 rpm-recordings of Osvaldo Pugliese "Emancipación", to "Invierno" by Francisco Canaro in a 78 rpm-recording and "Desde el alma" by the orquestra of Francisco Canaro with the singer Nelly Omar.

He went to Moscow for the 6th time 
and for the first time to Crimea (Ukraine).
In April he DJed at the „Firenze Tango Festival“.
For the forthcoming months of 2012 is invited to be DJ 
at the festival „Fiesta con amigos“ in Tokyo, 
the "Summer Tango Fest 2012" in Bodrum (Turkey) 
and the "Milonguero Nights" of Moscow.
For the first time he DJed at the "Noches de Hungría 
Tango Marathon" ( Bucharest - Hungary ), 
"Tango Fantasia" in Budapest (Romania) 
and came back in the UK in October for the "Gallo Ciego Festival". 
In November: "Tangueria del Buen Ayre" ( Seoul - Korea )

Thanks to the enormous popularity of tango in Italy, he has been DJing in plenty of festivals as well as milongas of any size in that country. This has helped to make him even more known in the European tango scene, and he is frequently invited to various places in Europe.
There are still many more events in Europe and Asia waiting for him to confirm.

But apart from all that he has accomplished so far, the nights when he was still DJing in Buenos Aires will remain an unforgettable past, which can not be repeated.

Now he is travelling and DJing around the world using old vinyl recordings, the same old vinyls that his parents, grandparents and oncles used to listen to and which where the first tango recordings he listened to in the living room at home when he was a child, a long time ago.

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