viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

  Comenzó ... ( Started ... )

  1. Dear friends, 
  2. Are you ready to live 4 fantastic tango days and nights with us in Bucharest? Starting today, 4th Bucharest Tango Fantasia begins!!!
  3. ~ Great Workshops of Highest Value with wonderful, magnificent Javier Rodriguez y Virginia Pandolfi ! 
  4. ~ At Thursday Welcome Milonga - Welcome Dance of Maestros & Special Guest Performers: Augustin Paun y Oana Ispir - Bucharest, Romania - TangoBrujo School
  5. ~ At Friday Grand Milonga - Special Guest Performance: Jose Almar y Juliana Aparicio - Buenos Aires
  6. ~ One of the Best Tango DJ's - Damian Boggio -Buenos Aires, playing directly from vinyls and teaching a great Tango Dj workshop 
  7. ~ Wonderful and Great Exhibition of Javier Rodriguez y Virginia Pandolfi!!!
  8. ~ Other Fantastic Surprises!!!!
  9. The complete program, venues, addresses and map are here:
  10. Besos y abrazos & waiting for you!!!

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